How To Get Your Kids Excited About Tennis?

If you’re reading this article, it could only mean one thing- you love tennis. You love it enough to want to spread your knowledge to your loved ones, your friends or your students. However, convincing your friend to join you in a round of tennis and getting your kid into the sport requires two very different approaches. Here’s what you need to do to get your kids more excited about tennis:

Free Play

Like any sport, tennis also has distinct rules to follow and skills to build. The best of players spend years dedicating their time to improving their technique but of course, you can’t expect your kid to want to put in that dedication if he doesn’t even love the sport to begin with. Which begs the question, why do kids love some activities more than others? They love the concept of free play, no rules, pure stimulation. So don’t bore them with strict drills, let them explore the sport so that they don’t feel forced into it. Remember, kids who don’t love tennis, eventually experience a burnout that leads them to resent the sport.

Short Lessons

Even if you are encouraging the concept of free play, you still need to slowly introduce the basic concepts of tennis as you go along. Long lectures on how to swing a racquet just aren’t going to cut it with the little ones- these aren’t athletes that are serious on embracing the sport (yet). Kids will easily get bored of theoretical explanations or having to stand around on their feet for too long- so remember to keep your lessons short and to the point and then let them practice it while you point out any adjustments.


Kids can be quite impressionable, this means that it’s easy to inspire them if you play your cards right. Introduce them to big games and show them how professional players work their magic. Once they see the stadium, how the crowd celebrates and feels the pure energy that you can only get when sitting in on a game, they’re bound to get inspired. So make sure to get Australian Open Tickets and inspire your child with some crackling energy.

Be Active

This is for any coaches or dads that have to work with a small group of kids. Obviously, no kid would like to be kept waiting for too long so make sure you keep them active. Rotate the kids constantly so no one has to miss out on much and you can even make sure those who are sitting out on the sidelines are doing something by getting them to count how many ball bounces they can get in a row! On the topic of groups, however, if you’re private coaching your child, why not invite his friends along? Kids always want to play with their friends so this is a good way to get them more excited about the sport.

These are foolproof ways to get your kids more excited about the idea about tennis. Remember, don’t force the love. It should come naturally!

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