Saving the Planet One Home at A Time

Our planet is dying, slowly but surely but most certainly it is dying. This is not a natural death. This is a plain and simple case of murder. Humans as a race are the culprits. We are to blame and nothing else. This plant’s death is on our hands and we and those before us are the people to blame. To our children and grandchildren, we are leaving behind a hostile and potentially inhospitable place that they will have to try and make their own home.

The challenges are enormous and there is now almost no time at all. We are crashing past deadlines and warning limits without a care in the world and not even taking a moment to stop, step back, and think if what we are doing is the right thing. It is like standing in the middle of a rope bridge over a huge ravine and starting to tear away at the rope because we see that it is laced with gold. But the good news is that, even though we have made our planet a really bad place to live, we have not yet gotten to the point where we have killed our planet and there is no hope. There are still things we can do to save this planet.

Making Our Homes Self-sufficient

One of the greatest power consumers is our homes and offices. In general, we will spend a lot of time with fans, lights, air conditioners and many other appliances that drain power from the national grid. The problem with this is that barring a few exceptions where power is taken through hydro or wind power, the majority of the power that most countries generate are from burning coal or from nuclear.

Even though nuclear is marketed as a clean source of power, there are still complications because it produces a lot of residual nuclear waste that is toxic and dangerous for hundreds or even thousands of years. However, we as individual homeowners can make a change in this by switching to cheap solar panels Melbourne. This will allow you to make your home independent from the power needs perspective and it can supply the power back to the grid. In essence you will be self-sufficient, and you will be able to help the power grid depend a little less on the main power sources like coal and nuclear.

Recycling and Composting Our Home’s Waste

Another big challenge for the environment is the fact that we are as humans are huge at being wasteful. We will produce and throw away tons upon tons of garbage. Some of these items are organic while other are plastic. Plastic is one of the worst sources of environmental damage. This is because plastic is actually a material that does not decay or break down over time.

This means that all the landfills are going to be filled up with waste from us that has nowhere else to go. To change this, we have to take the initiate and try to only get reusable products or products that are biodegradable. In addition to this, we can make or get a composted bin and instead of throwing away organic waste, you can put it into the bin and turn it into compost.

These sorts of simple, yet highly important approaches are things that we all have to consider getting in to in the hopes that we are not too late and that we can still do something to save this little blue planet.



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